Hello world!

Hello World!! :))))
Hello World!! :))))

There comes a point in your life when you stop being practical and just follow your heart and it is now. Now more than ever!! Criticious is the labour of my love for fashion and  a super urgent need for freedom. It is all those things that I wish to be, do and have in my life. It is the people that I meet or the places that I go to that inspire me to be free. It is all those things that put that big world changing smile on our faces regardless of how simple, small or idiotic. This blog is dedicated to all those people who like me have gone on to do seemingly big meteoric important things only to realize that their heart is somewhere else. So no matter where and who you are just follow your heart and you will find a way. Anything is possible as long as you do it with critical style!!!!!!!! My inspiration to follow my dreams and the constant gentle push comes from a lovely person, a dreamer and someone who’s almost like a fairy, who ever so often sprinkles some fairy dust onto me.You know who you are!!!Love you!!!xoxo


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dear Criticious, reading your first post is as if you speak from my heart. How true and brave of you to DO what most of us just dream about but not dare. Inshallah we shell all dare to pronounce that we are ‘A Lover Not a Fighter’ as Michael Jackson would magically whisper. I cannot wait to read more of your Fairy Dust sprinkled upon us to Moonwalk into into our meant to be future sparkling life. Critious, when can we expect to hear more from You? Best of success with your blog !!! I will definitely follow you. XXX Moonwalker Shirin

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    1. Moonwalker Shirin, thank you for your super inspiring encouragement!! Love you for that and more!! There’s more that you will here from me and real soon i promise!!!xxx


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