#MY1ST… Supposedly!

Jumpsuits / Playsuits / The only reason I would ever think of prisons in the US is for that orange jumpsuit (retarded I know)


I can not not not not stress the importance of having at least one jumpsuit in your closet. It’s pretty versatile and can be dressed down or up as per your style and mood. Short or long!!It could be a great article of perfectly tailored clothing (think Solange Knowles’ uber chic well cut wedding jumpsuit) or loose and formless taking your own beautiful shape. It can also be easily reached for that day when you just don’t want to make an effort and still look pretty great. It’s my go-to for when i have not shaved or am waiting to grow enough hair to have them painfully stripped of me by a waxing demon (just kidding…i love my sweet waxing lady at Sister’s).  Jumpsuit also provides for easy dressing ideas for that pms time of the month when all you want to do is be lounging around in your pjs yet still have to go out and flash that beautiful smile. You can combine it with whatever you like – high tops or even flatforms for that normcore comfortable feel or high wedges to feel sexier. If you feel the need for a pick me up or to take things a notch higher pull out  those towering high pencil heels and roll with it. Try it your own way!!! I put mine randomly with my old silver Nike high-tops and combined it with a textured bag to keep it quirky and fun. And for the last thing before you leave home I just grabbed my mum’s Stole ( Dupatta) to add some colour. Oh oh and most definitely try the denim dungaree version that is oh-so on trend right now!!!



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