Your 1st Pair…

IMG_0230A girl’s first pair of super-expensive designer shoes is as sacred an occasion as any that could ever be in her life. It’s a special right of passage for any fashionista. Its selection is an even extra special process. Do you go for the classic Nude or black Louboutins or you go for something extra quirky and unconventional like a Charlotte Olympia?? Many questions in your mind with far too many answers. The more you see the more confused you will be. What you pick reveals a lot about you?! I picked these Miu Miu Swaroski heeled shoes out of the sheer madness offered at Level Shoe District, Dubai. Think of the options – Louboutins, Valentino, Saint Laurent and every other brand you can think of.  Miu Mius stand out in the shoe masses. These shoes give you the ultimate Princess feeling. Just these pumps are needed to take any outfit to the next level of elegance and class. These are definitely the shoes I will feel proud hopefully someday handing down to my Granddaughter / Grandson if he so wishes to have them…Your shoes most definitely do define you. Pick yours wisely….xxx

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