SOH going back to SOH…

SOH Dubai - Girls only zone
SOH Dubai – Girls only zone

SOH Dubai is SOH SOH cool!!!!!!!!!

It’s just what we need in a place where parlours are plenty but not too many with soul and ART. ┬áSOH is the perfect place for us girls to spend our precious time unwinding away from the eyes of the big big confusing world whilst looking at art and speaking to the lovely lovely staff who make you feel so at home. The moment you walk in you feel like it was just designed for you to come and lounge around and talk your heart out with your friends and just be. It’s the place that promises you a fabulous space wherein you can have your space.

SOH Dubai's Nail Art Options are so now and so Dubai
SOH Dubai’s Nail Art Options are so now and so Dubai

The treatments at SOH are especially unique too. I treated myself to the Mermaid pedicure and some nail art slightly prepping for my best friend’s wedding. The mermaid pedicure is all fancy and all with caviar to really soothe your feet and give it that softness after those long hours in those uber high heels and also to make you feel like a true blue Dubai girl. But obviously the nail art is the best part about this place as it’s hand painted. It’s not those sticky things that ruin your nail with all that glue rubbish. It’s clean and old school art. The best part is the fact that they can paint anything that you can dream of. The child in me wanted bride and groom themed nail art. So we searched up some options and settled on this (see pic) slightly quirking it up along the way.

Mermaid Pedicure
Mermaid Pedicure – the caviar it!!
The bride & groom inspired end result
The bride & groom inspired end result..

Moving on to the art there is some really fun stuff on display by the super funky Morgan Britt Buttler. Love her quirky take on our childhood cartoons. When something is done with love it always shows and love is available in plenty at SOH. Go there and feel loved up.

Tweety knows it all
Even Tweety knows the importance of long lashes..
Hell yeah. Pout your way to success.
Hell yeah. Pout your way to success.
This one's reserved for Sunday mornings...
This one’s reserved for Sunday mornings…
Post pampering high :)))
Post pampering high :)))

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