Life n One

The Place

Life ‘N One is one of those super green looking places that pops up on everyone’s feed nowadays making you want to run to there and sample for yourself what it’s really about. So we did and realized that the place is great because of the superb decor which leaves you feeling like you have arrived at this zen place on a hill top somewhere in Nepal that will lead you on your path to self discovery hopefully. The good vibes are all in place here and you will love it for a day off to just read and read for hours or to have endless conversations with your best friend.

What’s more there’s  graffiti all around and an impressive wall that talks about all the wanderlusty  things we want to do but haven’t been able to because real life takes over. It’s got this philosophical leaning which gives you some food for thought along with actual food of course.

What we ate? 

So we tried gluten free pancakes, protein omelette, carrot cupcake with cashew cream and chocolate, a latte, herbal flower tea and some cacao smoothie for a catch up breakfast. One of the things that stands out is that everything here has coconut in it in some form or the other by way of having actual coconut in it or being cooked in coconut oil or being served with coconut butter. It’s a great place for all the paleo addict but I must admit I’m not there yet and thus left me with a coconut overdose. I love coconut in things but I like it in moderation perhaps in one dish trying to set itself apart from the rest on the  table. I believe it is something that adds a distinctive taste to perhaps a consistent and everyday recipe. Perhaps my expectations were a bit too high with all the buzz around it. Add to that the fact that Comptoir 102 has forever ruined any chance of me liking any other place so I must admit my bias.

Gluten Free Pancakes – They are served with bananas, berries and honey or coconut butter whilst already being cooked in coconut oil.  Perhaps gluten free pancakes are an acquired taste and that’s why it wasn’t very exciting for me. It just tastes different and is too sweet and coconuty for my liking.

Protein omelette is made up of egg white  of course,  tomato, onion, parsley and mushroom served with a green salad. It’s probably the best thing out of what we tried. Simple and good.

The cacao smoothie is made up of cacao, dates and coconut milk and is slightly yummy but leaves you with a coconut aftertaste when clubbed with everything that we ordered. On its own it’s yummy and is the second thing that we tried and liked.

Carrot cupcake has a thick cashew cream layer before you can get to the cake part and it wasn’t really my cup of tea. The cream being thick and not the sorts that you keep picking at cause you love it so much.It’s made of pretty legit ingredients though such as carrots, oats, dates, raisins, coconut oil, dried coco, nutmeg, cinnamon, cashew, lemon and vanilla powder.

 The latte and herbal flower tea were decent but none of what I tried makes me want to go back there for the food. I will go back for the place to sit and relax and probably attend a class or two.

I obviously try to make the most of such a great location and did an OOTD shoot as well.



Fur Gilet: Zara 

Side slit translucent skirt: Miss Selfridges 

Halter body: River Island 

Airmax: Nike 

Monster bag: Fendi 

As with all things I do I will give this place a second chance and will let you know in case I change my mind and thus change my review of the food as everything else is par excellence already from the location to the service to the vibe. Until next kritical thing.xoxo

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There comes a point in your life when you stop being practical and just follow your heart and it is now. This blog is dedicated to all those people who like me have gone on to do seemingly big meteoric important things only to realize that their heart is somewhere else. So no matter where and who you are just follow your heart and you will find the way. Anything is possible as long as you do it with style!!!!!!!!

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