Zaid Farouki and his couture wonderland ❤️

I have always loved couture and probably even have Anna Dello Russo and Daphne Guinness as my idols in terms of owning a look and falling into a character each time you put on a new outfit and I have almost always loved couture. Couture makes me feel more like a woman with its form elevating pieces giving you that perfect womanly hour glass shape. Coutoure is an even better experience when you take into account the fabulous fabric and tailoring and the level of detail involved.

When I first saw Zaid Farouki’s couture creations back at Fashion Forward last season I absolutely loved it. So I was more than thrilled when I got the chance to see his industrial looking atelier in Dubai’s Design District . I loved the space and the idea that if you put your head and heart into something you can achieve whatever it is that you want. It was in that moment that I started to think that anyone who gets the chance to do something so beautiful and positive as to create a work of art is truly lucky.

Zaid’s coutoure creations fall in the category of wearable art made personally by him which attest to the very high standards a couturier holds himself to. So all of the artwork on his clothes is done meticulously by him through hours and days just to make it perfect the way he sees it in his head. His artistic inspirations are perfectly imbued in his designs. In addition to the fact that he spends hours and hours and possibly days trying to perfect a piece what stands out for me is that all of his creations have been made  while thinking of the client and have various attachments / detachments so that you can use it again in different forms. For instance, he has a black jumpsuit, which comes with an attachable skirt so you can go to a gala and look all glam and ladylike and then party it out in a nice chic black romper as the night passes by. Surprise and thrill and thought and versatility are seen in all of his beautiful creations and I hope someday he would gift me the pretty white gown with hand painted flowers. Just kidding…No, not really 😋.

Zaid’s a complete perfectionist as can be seen by the fabrics he uses which are at par with Chanel / Lanvin amongst others and the time and devotion given to each creation. When you do something with love it shows and I can see love aplenty in his fab creations. I hope and pray that he does a bridal collection soon because I think he would do it so so well.

My personal favourite from his atelier is this beautiful gown made of silk which is hand painted with these beautiful flowers to the point that it has a leather effect and I kid you not it’s so so beautiful and dreamy. 

My next favourite being this rock glam leather crop top and white maxi skirt. This is so great for a night out and about Dubai and I would hope that when you wear this outfit the wind blows and your skirt dances along with the wind and you feel like you’re in a movie.


Next up is this navy Abaya which is uber classy and sophisticated with the mustard yellow / gold colour handwork and with a perfect pair of YSL Tributes it’s likely to be a great hit.



I’m a huge fan of shift dresses and this one here is so cool when paired with patterned or embellished Chelsea boots and a cool cross body or may be even the Givenchy Antigona bag.


This beautiful blue dress inspired by this artwork on the left is the perfect blend of art and couture. They have such high wearability and form. 

 D3 and Zaid Farouki’s wonderful world is so inspiring and indicative of a bright and exciting future for the world of fashion in Dubai. I look forward to seeing what he has to offer and how D3 shapes as  well and how I can be a part of it too of course. My evening with Zaid was magical and awe inspiring and if you do get the time do go check out what it means to be a couturier and how splendid and beautiful it could be to own a fabulous coutoure creation. Until next kritical post. xoxo

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