A new kinda Iftar – This is not a buffet 

This is not a buffet at Al Serkal Avenue is a very intriguing experience and I’m so glad we tried it. The aptly named Iftar lives up to its name in that it’s not the usual buffet fare with plenty of  beautiful looking options across different cuisines but it’s still very pleasing to the eyes. Might I also add that I’m super thankful that it’s not an open buffet cause I have been stuffing my face way too much this Ramadan with the lavish spread at every Iftar.

This place has kinda got a cool hipster vibe and kinda reflective of all the new age food experiences that have hit up Dubai in the last year or so. I would recommend it for the fact that it’s a great experience and has an amazing set up but the food leaves some teeny tiny room for improvement. It’s like a great chemical experience and keeps you entertained course after course because of the superb presentation as is seen in the date jelly on the black stone slab. Love the fact that they used date jelly in place of dates as the traditional Iftar opener, something different for sure. Everything is very well thought out on the menu as can be seen below. You can pick between the two course or the five course menu. But due to the small sizes I would really recommend the five course to ensure you are not hungry after unless you’re a small eater.

Below is a course by course look 😃

This date jelly is my most favorite thing from this Iftar. Made with rose water, cinnamon, dates and some chemical infusion I believe.

This smoking Amar Al Din is exquisite and comes close to the date jelly. Made with apricots, coconut and almond praline chocolate.Love it and also the presentation.

Inside the Amar Al Din 😃

Inside the Date Jelly 😃

Flatlay 😍😍. Love the mix of high and low seating.

The seared tuna was decent but if you’re the sort of person who hates the smell of fish this might not be as appealing.

The chipotle macaroon was tangy and cool. An unusual taste that I still remember.

The honey ginger martini below  is super awesome and sweet with white honey bubbles and saffron.

My main course of choice was chicken roulade, which had plenty of flavour and was real good except for the portion size may be. Left me feeling slightly hungry.

The Kheer Cheese cake was just simply delicious and not overly sweet. All the varied elements of this desert such as chocolate saffron sorbet, turmeric honey fluid gel, cinnamon micro sponge and spiced fig complement one another.

The Umm Ali Ice cream was super yum as well and between and my friend it disappeared so quickly that I can’t exactly comment on  the taste except say that it was nice too. This is made up of dates, orange blossom cold brûlée, pistachio wafer, rose meringue and pistachio soil.

Round this meal up with a cold hand brewed well made cold coffee.

I loved the fact that they had many different courses and kind of kept you excited throughout but I must admit I was slightly hungry. Can’t wait to go back though as it’s a great place for a conversation that is also slightly changing the Dubai food scene. With one more week or so to go before Ramadan ends do try it out and let me know what you think too. Until next kritical post. xoxo.

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