Les Nereides 

This one’s one of my favourite shoots with #myfashiondxb . This is a complete dedication to my new obsession with Les Nereides jewellery. Having stumbled upon it years ago whilst going for my dance lessons at Pineapple Covent Garden but not giving it so much as an after thought as jewellery  wasn’t on my mind back then like it is now second nature to me to put on some form of jewellery every time I step out. Hope you like this post and I’m sure you’ll like this super fun, trendy and quirky jewelry store as much as I do. The best part about it is the fact that they mix crazy life like things such as monkeys or crocodiles or parrots with beautiful stones to accentuate it’s beauty. 

1. N2 Pirate Parrot clip ons

This is so cute and u love how it’s mismatched but still connected with the use of the green stone.

2. Japanese Garden Collection combined with the La Diamantine 

The Diamantine necklace works so well as a great base and can be combined with so many other necklaces and still not be lost in the crowd. 
3.  Bruno the Chimpanzee

4.From Can can dancers to ballerinas to our childhood fairytales 

#OOTD Details: 

1. Cold Shoulder Top – Zara 

2. Mom jeans – Topshop

3. Wedges – Bimba Y Lola 

4. Dionysus – Gucci

5. Belt – Accessorize

6. Jewellery – Les Nereides 

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