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This blog post is about new beauty products that I was introduced to by one of my super sweet friends. I have been looking to try Korean beauty products for a while now and perhaps  that desire or want manifested itself. Lol. These products were delivered to me in the cutest packaging ever with the cutest thank you note.

I have been using these products for over a month now and can safely say these products live up to the hype around Korean beauty. It has all the features of a good product showing all the benefits you expect such as proper cleansing, toning, hydrating.

We all usually follow a three or four part beauty regime:

Morning: cleansing, toning,  eye cream, moisturise with a cream / serum, and finally slather on an SPF.

If you want an all in one kind of solution you can replace your moisturizer and SPF with a bb / cc cream / cushion compact / foundation, which have all of the moisturizing properties with the added on correction, coverage and SPF protection you desire. Although I must admit I have observed women with amazing skin in the long term use little to no make up as their skin is allowed to breathe and also it doesn’t create an altered sense of self. On any given day you should love your self with all your flaws.

Afternoon: Face mists / blotting paper / shine control powders

Evening: make up remover ( wipes / micellar water / oil), cleanser, toner, oil bases serum, eye cream

In case you have something to add to that do let me know as I love to add new things to my routine.

The Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi vitamin face cleanser (pink ink illustrated box on the left ) is perfect to start your day as it removes any residue oil that would have built up over night and gets you looking fresh and ready to kickstart the day. Follow this up with the Whamisa organic flowers toner (pic below). This toner is one of the best I have tried as it leaves your skin pretty clean and kind of hydrated. The best part of it is that is naturally fermented. Follow this up with the Whamisa cream (pic below), which has the most pleasant smell and keeps you hydrated without being too oily and leading to breakouts. It’s just the right balance of moisture that my combination skin needs.

Fermented food is all the rage given that they preserve nutrients in food and contain probiotics and thereby aid digestion. It’s no surprise that fermented skincare is the next big thing, which can be gauged by the selection of Korean products available at Sephora. If something’s good for your tummy then it’s obviously good for your face so it’s no surprise there. The process of fermentation makes the ingredients more concentrated and easy to absorb and products are more effective. If you wanna read more about fermentation click Refinery29 or Today. All Whamisa products are naturally fermented and are BDIH certified, which to a laywoman / layman means the highest quality and standard for natural cosmetics.

My night time routine is pretty similar except that I use the Blossom Jeju Camellia enriched cleansing oil (mustard yellow / brown illustrated box on the right). I take one pump of this cleansing oil and massage it over to remove all the makeup, dirt and impurities that you collect as the day passes by. Follow it up with the Whamisa toner and cream or midnight recovery concentrate serum by Kiehl’s and I’m off to bed. I also use an eye cream but that keeps varying as I like to change them up pretty quick. I have used the famous La Mer to Dr. Dennis Gross to Kiehl’s. Currently on the look out for the next one.

KoCo ME is Dubai’s window into Korean natural and / or organic skincare and the brand strictly stands against animal testing. An added bonus is that currently you can get a discount of 15% off on your entire order when you use the code ‘KRITICIOUS‘ until 31 July.

Whamisa organic flowers toner and cream

Organic flowers olive leaf mist with natural fermentation

Face mists are a welcome sight after  a really long day or generally great to set your make up. I use it usually around mid day to get a refreshed look. I love this one because like it says on the cover you can totally feel the smell of olive leaves and certain smells have the ability to calm you down such as this olive one or even lavender.

These masks are just everything you need. Seriously so hydrating I have seen my skin go from very tired to very hydrated looking within 20 minutes. There is plenty of sheet mask hydrating liquid to go around and you’re advised to use the leftover liquid to dab on your face for extra hydration.

Whamisa organic seeds hair treatment

This hair seed treatment is a must because the environment, coloured hair, blow dries and chlorine if you swim can leave with rough, dehydrated hair. It helps restore moisture back to you hair and leaves them feeling smooth and soft. The body lotion by Whamisa is super moisturizing and is great if you have dry skin or you just want to retain the moisture in your skin. It might sound like I have nothing bad to say because I got to try them for free but I wouldn’t do anything I don’t believe in. It’s not just to say for effect.

Whamisa organic seeds hair treatment and organic fruits body lotion

Before I wrap this up I would like to also mention their sheet masks are everything providing hydration and enrichment. Love love it when you have super tried skin.

Hope you love this kritical post about must have Korean beauty products. It’s my first product review so do let me know what you think of it. Until next kritical post. xoxo


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