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For most women hair is everything. Your hair style can make or break your look. If you’ve been living in Dubai chances are you’re no stranger to having lost more than half of your hair volume from your Pre- Dubai days. I’m not sure if the exact reason is water, poor eating habits, stress, health or a combination of these but nonetheless I had lost a lot of hair and needed something to stop this before it impacted my confidence. 

If you’ve always been blessed with a lot of hair and love your thick hair the lack thereof will impact your confidence every time you look in the mirror. Luckily a friend of mine introduced me to Harklinikken Hair Clinic and my hair related sorrows are disappearing already. I have been taking this treatment for over 6 months and have seen significant growth in my hair line and also my confidence. There was a time when I would hesitate to tie my hair because of the number of gaps I would see but now I don’t anymore because my hair are back in those places and those gaps seem narrower or almost gone. 

It may be more expensive than the average stuff you get on the pharmacy shelves but it’s definitely much better than those because it’s customized to the kind of hair loss you’re facing. I’m not great with the technical stuff so you can look up for those details on their websiteHarklinikken Global or Harklinikken Dubai and instagram for more details. It’s quite informative and covers in depth this hair loss treatment and it’s advantages but also talks about other hair loss treatments offered the world over.

The pictures below indicate the order of usage of these products. The extract is what you put on your scalp in areas, where you see the gaps twice in a day with a half hour apart from the first application. This is what promotes hair growth and is essential for progress. I must admit complying with putting this on my hair twice a day was a struggle for me as I have really long days and sometimes couldn’t manage to do so but when my Doctor showed me the difference that took place with little application I was motivated to do it twice a day to see the final result. 

You need to wash this extract off everyday and if you have curly hair like mine it isn’t easy but nontheless I try to do it the best I can. Use conditioner just as you would normally. Finish your hair care routine with the hair hydrating creme, which takes fly always, gets rid of friziness and dryness and gives a smooth, polished look without using any harmful products. 

I would say that you might find this treatment slightly expensive but given the quality of service, products and the fact that you will get your hair back it’s totally worth it as a once in a lifetime essential expenditure. This was kritical in me getting my confidence back. Definitely worth a try. Until next kritical post. Xoxo

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