Cutest Summer Dress Ever – La Bulle Paris

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As we become more and more aware of the environmental damage that fast fashion has caused we are getting conscious about what we consume. So there is really no better time to talk about my favourite slow fashion designer, Esther, formerly a law graduate. She is humble, cute and so talented. In the simplest terms slow fashion is the antidote to the trend cycle meaning that it is about making good quality pieces that transcend seasons so that we consume less and only when we really need to.

The designer behind La Bulle Paris, Esther; Source: La Bulle Paris

My pick for this summer is the cute cotton candy inspired Barabapa dress. I have never not loved a dress that is comfortable, short, easy breezy in the downstairs department. My body feels free, non-sticky and comfy and surprisingly sexy. It is perfect for the Dubai summers I tell ya. Now I don’t necessarily believe in the idea that you have to wear form hugging clothes to feel your sexy best. Comfort can also lead you to the same destination of feeling like a confident, sexy woman. It really is all in the mind. If you would like an edit of similarly loosey goosey summer dresses do let me know in the comments.

P.s. If you’re interested in seeing more from the designer I have a previous post from a past collaboration.

Source: La Bulle Paris

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