Mąka i Woda

Food has been at the heart of our lives ever since we were born. From the functional eaters to the weight watchers to the indulgers food is at the core of everything we do. We break many times to eat food so that we nourish, enjoy, reward, fuel, comfort and sometimes avoid any feelings. ManyContinue reading “Mąka i Woda”

Harklinikken Hair Clinic Dubai

Good Morning!!  For most women hair is everything. Your hair style can make or break your look. If you’ve been living in Dubai chances are you’re no stranger to having lost more than half of your hair volume from your Pre- Dubai days. I’m not sure if the exact reason is water, poor eating habits,Continue reading “Harklinikken Hair Clinic Dubai”

Jaan at the Penthouse

Gluten free fine Indian dining at its best…..

A new kinda Iftar – This is not a buffet 

This is not a buffet literally ….

Life n One

Check out what I thought of the One Cafe at Life ‘n One….