Hello there!

Thanks for stumbling upon my website!

This is my kritical diary of emerging fashion. It’s a collection of new designers / themes in fashion and sometimes unique experiences too. By working mostly with emerging designers I hope to find things that are conversation starters, discoveries and investment pieces for your wardrobe to be passed down generations.

My fashion journey has changed as I have moved from my 20s into my 30s. After donating 75% of my wardrobe I realised the perils of fast fashion and how having fewer things is blissful for your time and wardrobe. More on that later but for now I wish for you to experience and may be love or like or identify with my highly discerning¬†vision of everything to find the kritically luxe ( and soon sustainable) in everything. If you don’t agree with my vision that is fine too, then perhaps you can educate me. This can be a two-way conversation you know.¬†



Email: kriticious@gmail.com


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