Fashion  Noveau & Others…

So it turns out that exhibitions are a super fun way to get to know fun new designers. Here’s my pick of obsessions for now.

1. SASS by Pooja S

Love the cuts and super trendy prints. If you’ve gone through her collection at some point  you will realize it’s all you need to feel really really happy and super super trendy. Quite a few pieces are Dolce and Gabanna inspired but more affordable for sure. You put on a piece and it brings out the woman in you because you know they give you the curves. It’s always about the cuts ain’t it??😉😉 Case in point below. My outfit at FFWD.

2. Raya by Vijeta R’s mad jewelry

I love loved every bit of this mad mad jewellery. So trendy and statementy. It can vary from super funky to ethnic pieces as per your taste. I can’t wait to get all these babies.


That’s all that you need to get through Dubai’s super busy fashion calendar.

3. Ash Haute Couture

Fabulous and breezy dress to carry you from choring around  to hanging out with the girls to even the beach. Wear it any how you like.

Who doesn’t want a lipstick dress?? Cmon. On your lips and on your body life couldn’t get any better. 💄😻

4. Uzoori

Jewellery that is more on the feminine side and sort of Cartieresque and Dolce and Gabanna inspired. You will have some elegant girly pieces to statement big things that make a mark on your outfit. Especially love the D & G inspired crowns perfect for Halloween or to play dress up. 🐞🐝👑💎🐯👺

Angel ring above is her signature piece…

Love the correlation of butterflies and flowers. Feels like a beautiful garden on your fingers.

This has to be my favourite piece. It’s kind of futuristic in some weird way to me.

Chic like above or crazy funky  like below ???

Who doesn’t want to be a Queen Bee??? Blair Waldorf anyone?

Clutch at least one of the below. The flamingo one is so on point. 😻😻

Rings and things 💎💎💍💍💜💜


Chandelier doesn’t seem to go out of style!!

Bugs and bees and locks and keys 🐝🐞🔐😻

This one can also be worn as a headpiece!! 👑

5. Drama Queen 👸🏻👸🏻

Channel your inner drama queen in Drama Queen.

Evil eye forever and ever. No??

Love the pearls!! Casual yet not so.

It’s culotte season everywhere. The must have piece that should be in your wardrobe.

Comfy yet luxe fashion can’t get better than this.

Everywhere I go I see a great number of pieces inspired by Dolce & Gabanna. It only shows how  kritcially relevant they are in our times. When it comes to making a woman look and feel like a woman I suppose nothing comes close. Until next kritical post. xoxo

Published by Kriticious

There comes a point in your life when you stop being practical and just follow your heart and it is now. This blog is dedicated to all those people who like me have gone on to do seemingly big meteoric important things only to realize that their heart is somewhere else. So no matter where and who you are just follow your heart and you will find the way. Anything is possible as long as you do it with style!!!!!!!!

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