Coffee crazy at The Espresso Lab

I’m not a coffee connoisseur or a coffee snob by any means but I am however a very dear coffee lover. Fortunately or unfortunately my current line of work requires a lot of coffee meetings and I can admit that I have turned into an addict requiring energy to last through the day looking and feeling chirpy at all times. To may be fuel my addiction for the good kinda coffee a friend suggested I try out the coffee at The Espresso Lab, Jumeirah. It was most definitely a great suggestion as not only did I love the coffee and the place itself I ended up developing a distaste for most other coffees.  So well done The Espresso Lab my coffee consumption is going to be pretty limited outside of the Espresso Lab.

Located in the Hundred Wellness Center, Jumeirah which by itself is super impressive by means of the minimalistic design and decor. Think white walls, wood and glass and lots of open space it’s the kind of design that invites light and positivity into your space. It’s may be the place with a good aura when you enter it there’s so much peace and calm. The Espresso Lab is located on the ground floor of this wellness center.

Enough about the place and the theme which I love for being a simple and non-clutter kind of environment. Having coffee there is kind of like getting an education in coffee.  So just to have our expectations set right this place is only for coffee and you will never ever need sugar for this and possibly you will enjoy it without milk even as I’m told by my specialty coffee addict friend. The process of roasting the beans here retains the original flavour without overroasting and is all done by hand. 


Special brewing equipment for this very special coffee ☕️☕️☕️👌🏼 

The  Barista will happily explain to you what you’re getting into by way of ordering what. You can choose between an espresso avec or sans milk or the Gibraltar. The Gibraltar aka hipster coffee  is kind of like a mini version of a latte and its versions vary in name and perhaps flavour too across countries. I believe the milk to coffee ratio is between 1:1 or 1:2 but I can’t say for sure. I remember trying the Cortado Condensada,i.e., Cortado with condensed milk at Einstein Kaffe located near Check Point Charlie, Berlin and loving it. 

The beautiful Espresso avec milk with Costa Rican served with sparkling water to cleanse the palate 😍☕️💧

 The much loved Gibraltar 😍☕️💧

Choice of coffee servings – Gibraltar is served in the glass it was named after.

The choice of coffee beans is also exquisite. I have tried the Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Costa Rican for now. If you prefer stronger coffee try the Kenyan and Ethiopian varieties. For a more creamy, buttery and sweet touch try the Costa Rican or Brazilian.  

 Coffee beans decoded by type above..

A sense of the serene and calm that await you 😃🍀🍀💙💙    


In addition to the experience of having an amazing out-of-body coffee experience this place has a superb staff and a very peaceful ambience about it. It’s the kind of place you could go to to study or do some work or even have a nice meaningful conversation or to even have a photoshoot in. It simply should be on every fashionistas list. I’m kritically  hooked. Until next kritical thing. Xoxo.  

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