The Fumẽ Experience 

Food is at the core of everything I do. I usually think of my next meal at my current meal and so on. Just like fashion the power of food to change your mood cannot be underestimated. Fumẽ just happens to be one of the many amazing food experiences that Dubai is home to. 

Fumẽ not so recently launched their breakfast menu at Pier 7 following along the lines of the Downtown branch and everything there is to die for. Mind you this cannot be eaten everyday if you wanna stay in shape. Below is an itemized look at a few of the kritically approved breakfast options.

1. Sourdough bread that looks so good 

2. The Lotus Pancake

The lotus pancake is named after the famous Lotus biscuit which by itself is so tasty so when you decide to make a pancake with it this is just next level awesomeness. This is honestly the best pancake I have had in my life. Sitting atop this scrumptious pancake are caramelized banana, peanut butter mousse, salted butterscotch and lotus biscuit shavings. Top banana!!👌🏼👌🏼🍌🍌

3. Monster Milkshakes

This place is famous for its milkshakes and this Bro-nut one is made of chocolate       brownie, Nutella and marshmallows just perfect for the weekend. There are straws that go through the brownie that looks like a muffin that besides being made of chocolate has some fruity flavouring like a surprise gift. You have to finish that muffin on top to be able to scoop the goodies inside. It’s simply top banana.   👌🏼👌🏼🍌🍌🍌

4.Fumẽ liquid fixers 

We decided to compliment our high calorie breakfast with some healthy juices in order to assuage the guilt. The one on the left is the High energy carotene catapult with carrot, red capsicum, ginger and beetroot and the one one the right is the Green detox with parsley, apple, kale and ginger. Both of these at extremely healthy obviously and very tasty. Sorry I actually find green juices and the like very tasty so my judgement here might be biased.

5.  The Fumẽ Pan ala the classic English breakfast 

This was so so good and I probably haven’t had such a tasty English breakfast while I lived in London. Will definitely go back for this when I’m craving some English breakfast.

6. Beach Board

Smoked salmon, bresaola, chorizo stracciatella, tomato salad, basil pesto, avocado, soft boiled eggs and sourdough. Who can go wrong with this?!!! 

7. Eggs Benedict with salmon caviar

This is one of my favorite breakfast options and besides the one at La Serre this is my new favorite option. This is slightly different from the usual option of spinach etc accompanying eggs benedict and I love it when someone makes an effort to change things every once in a while.

8. Espresso shot 

Pretty decent espresso shot. Love love it!! 

This place also houses a bar and is generally quite massive with great views of Marina and would be perfect if you wanna go over for a Friday brunch. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved my food experienced at Fumẽ. 

Until next kritical post. Xoxo

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