Motion Ladies Fitness Center

I love working out as it’s a great outlet for all the stress and craziness that I come across in my job. It makes me feel like me again and also get closer with my real self. As you start adulting you realise you need to keep in touch with your real self and not let it dull your unicorn like outlook in life. I keep looking out for new alternative workouts as I find the gym a little bit boring for now. I stumbled upon Motion Ladies Fitness Center and their selection of alternative workouts catered especially for women courtesy Tish Tash. I ended up trying two classes – Booty Barre and TRX and it was super fun and different. These workouts were amazing because they were fun and effective in working on your core, legs and bum.

Booty Barre

This is super cool because it combines three of my favorite things – ballet, pilates and yoga. It’s quite liberating and debunks a myth that I had that you need to go to the gym to work on your core, legs and bum effectively. It works on balance, isometric strength and brings about a sting that you will be thankful for when you have a toned body at the beach. I think what helps as well is the energy of the people in the class and the instructor.

Cute and super helpful Barre Instructor 🙂

OOTD: Me –  Ivy Park Body & Topshop leggings

Garima – Ivy Park Body & Zara Tights



TRX is one of the coolest exercises because I love hanging off of stuff as it somehow feels like I’m flying lol. You can suspend your body and do the usual moves that you would at the gym but just because of the play with gravity you get that extra effect. It develops strength, flexibility, balance and core stability all in one workout. I must admit this is tougher than Barre but definitely worth it. The instructor for this class is super friendly and really good at this too. Super love the room with a lot of creative motivational art work (shall I call it that?) on the back and a whole lot of light coming in.




OOTD: Ivy Park T shirt, Topshop eyelet leggings, Victoria’s Secret sports bra

I would definitely rate this studio as one of the best ones I have been to for the fact that it is calm, it’s a woman only zone (which you can use sometimes), the staff is friendly. You have a great post work out lounge, where you can sip some tea and manage your blood sugar levels with some dates. It’s also super clean and looks rather posh when you compare it to the average gym. It feels more like a sanctuary where you can go, burn some calories and leave off all the negativity / pressure you faced in the day. Dubai is home to many studios but this by far is one of the best ones. It’s also special as it’s a women only place and given the emphasis on women only places these days across the world due to the focus on women supporting each other in their goal towards equality I guess we’re lucky to live in a place where you can find many such places already.

The best part about this shoot / workout was that I got to do it with my best friend / ex flatmate from London. It was so much fun catching up with her and receiving her direction on what is and how to get a good shot done. I can effectively say she directed this shoot. Lol. Perhaps a new career calling for her. I also wish that she could move here so we could have more such moments and also it’s so great to have someone you go way back with in a city that you have lived in for a while but you sometimes still feel so brand new to.

Enough of getting emotional. I would say this place is really kritical to my well being and good vibes. Do hit it up. If I was to rate it I would give it 5 on 5 :). Do check out their website  – Motion Ladies Fitness Center for more details as they offer a variety of other workouts too.

Special thanks to Tish Tash for introducing me to this place and helping me organize this shoot. Do check it out and let me know what you think. Until next kritical post. xoxo.



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