Tete-a-tete with Yana Andreeva

On a cold early morning in Europe, I got the chance to interview via video chat, Yana Andreeva, CEO and Life Coach at Hey Happy Bae, a wellness company. Yana is also a fashion and lifestyle influencer based out of Dubai and now Russia. We spoke about how being an agony aunt for her friends and followers led her to become a Life Coach. Answering their questions seemed like there was more for her to do here and so she started helping people. 

We explored extensively what it really means to manage your life better, reduce weight or change careers. Yana advised that for those looking for a career or any change it’s about really feeling that inner push.It will propel you to read books, get a Life Coach, to have goals and to really make that shift. “It’s like getting out of a bad relationship”. You need to feel it inside to see something outside. A lot of this is about inner conflict resolution as we often chase a job or romance or lifestyle because someone else is chasing it without really knowing if we want it too. Of course this sense to recognise this comes with age and maturity and so you see old men dating 25 year olds and driving Ferraris, a cliche that rings true even today.

True to her straightforward style Yana candidly mentioned her entrepreneurial challenges are laziness, staying consistent and motivated. Perhaps a mentor would help but she has none at the moment although given her personal drive I’m sure she can get by just fine on her own. 

Yana also opens about her secret, morning ritual, that pushes her to be more efficient in the day. You can find more about this on her company website Hey Happy Bae, founded as a love project from here previous home in Dubai. 

Fashion is intertwined with our culture in many ways and Yana is not one to shy away from it. She chronicles her fashion and lifestyle journey through Dubai and Russia on her Instagram @yanallure. She talks about enjoying a good piece of fashion clothing, bag or shoe because it’s a designer’s vision and power blended to create a piece of art to be loved.

Coffee time in Dubai Mall’s New Fashion Section

We move on to talk about everybody’s favourite subject Instagram and how hiding the number of likes is a step in the right direction as “It kills the bad side of the industry”.  Yana opines how it’s about creating genuine and honest connection with people in order to grow organically. Instagram is not one directional. 

Given her career as a life coach, no chat would be complete without talking about relationships and what’s the key to a good one. Yana speaks to my heart when she says that it’s about how you feel inside when you’re in one. If you question it too much then it is for a reason. Listening to your self is key rather than “reading some crap Cosmopolitan 5 signs a guy likes you…”. Again this comes with age.  

The topic of Instagram crops up again in our chat because how can it not?!! We discuss how Instagram growth is a 24 hour commitment and how the number of likes decreasing caused anxiety about posting photos because you feel you are worthy only if you have more likes than your last post. Instagram has it’s advantages too as it helps you find places and cafes to be at in new cities or to find beauty services near you. The idea was to share your inspirations and happiness not to become a place of judgement and craziness. No matter how we feel it’s here to stay by all counts. 

Before ending this chat, we discuss her love life and if she is seeing somebody. The answer is of course a yes. Yana met her current boyfriend online and they clicked instantly. She loves that he is super honest. There is nothing hidden from her and everything adds up. A previous relationship made her realise the importance of honesty and the difference when it’s not there. 

Many summers ago in London

P.s. As this is part of my homework for fashion school would love it if you would have any suggestions or not. xx

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