To Paris, with not so much love

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Hello there!

2020 is a cool friend and once again a reminder that things may not always go as per our plan. Because there is a bigger force out there much bigger than us. Some say it’s even Mother Nature reminding us to slow down and think about what we have done to our planet and to each other. While we stay at home, cook our way to perfection, work our way to fitness, for those of us who can afford to, let’s take some time out to really think about what would you change knowing that you have so much to be thankful for.

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to do a mini weekend trip to Paris. This was my second trip to Paris and I was overjoyed as I was returning after a wonderful first holiday. My second trip didn’t feel the same partly because I was already tired from previous travels and if I hadn’t pre-booked the tickets I perhaps wouldn’t have taken off at all. Despite low enthusiasm I researched where to eat and be like all of us do in this Instagram age. I walked loads and ate loads. Somehow amongst those walks I forgot to capture all of it but nonetheless am sharing some of my food moments.

Paris this time perhaps because I had lost the innocence of my rosy world view or grown up felt different to me. On my first trip to Paris it was more an accomplishment at being able to afford a fancy holiday for myself as I was turning 30. I was all eager and starry eyed. Two years later when I returned I was a different person – calmer, less eager to impress and a tired traveller at that. This trip reinforced Parisian stereotypes like luxury not being accessible to all, chic cafes in Avenue Montaigne giving you the look when you entered in covered in a parka that didn’t look like the Max Mar or Gucci coats they are used to. Although I love fashion I find this behaviour exhibited by many fashionable types of judging people quite silly and juvenile. Aside from these minor hiccups Paris is quite enjoyable if you like long walks and pastries. I didn’t manage to photograph everything but here’s some that made the cut.

Cafe Pouchkine

This is a cute cafe located on the Place de la Madeleine. Bustling area with a queue as all good things in Paris are. I suppose you visit this place for the dreamy French decor made popular by similar cafes such as La Duree, Angelina to name a few. The pastries and tea live up to the wait in the queue but I would say that this place gets so packed and could use a little ventilation because there are just so many people coming in and out and the winter heating doesn’t help.

Random Cafe – Can’t remember name

Random cafe in some alley going around the big Gucci store in Champs Elysee…I think…But delicious crepes and croque monsieur and of course the cappucino in Europe is something else. Seriously love that it’s more on the sweeter side of things and less coffee tasting. I used to be a specialty coffee freak but due to years of over consumption the taste for it has just disappeared and also I could never taste the blueberries in my coffee like the Barista said I would. So bye coffee for now until I get bored of the matcha I’m currently hooked on.

Cappuccino, to start your day right
Savoury Crepe
Croque Monsieur, standard fare 🙂


Poilâne is famous the world over for its bread that is even flown to New York daily, no kidding, so when I found out about this place in my favourite bi-annual magazine The Gentlewoman I just had to check it out and so I did. Quite yummy but I guess perhaps the expectations were set so high I thought it was like anything I would eat back in Dubai. Dubai is home to some amazing places with service that is unrivalled. I mean you can rock up to Four seasons in your Nike shorts and tee and sneakers and still be served like a Queen. This is quite different from Europe in that you need to look proper to get served well. Perhaps this has something to do with style in Dubai being quite fluid and there is no one style aesthetic to be followed.

Architectural Marvels & History

I mean there is no dearth of things to see in Paris, a city filled with so much history and architectural beauty. Walking to everywhere you need to go to is a must seriously and that’s also probably the best way to find your own little food places and make memories.

La Samaritane, Paris

La Samaritane is a mall with history. Founded in 1870 and after many ownerhsip transfers it is in the hands of LVMH and of course once it reopen it’ll be all things style and excellence as is the case with anything that LVMH touched. In the meantime it just looks beautiful with yellow mosaics peppered across the building.

Walking and posing on the banks of the Seine is a must
Somewhere random 🙂

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