SAM Warsaw

If I were to write an ode, it would definitely be about food and highly likely about SAM in Warsaw. It’s an urban eatery located in the heart of the City along with two other branches – one in Powiśle and the other in Żoliborz. I am somebody who loves to find a sense of community wherever I go and somehow it is always related to a food place. Food, should you enjoy it as much as me, will make you realise that it is a great connector of people and predictor of likeness besides the obvious nutritional benefits. I have made some wonderful friends from going to the same cafe for at least 5 years in Dubai. This is a spot that obviously doesn’t go to every cafe or restaurant. It is reserved for places where people, particularly staff and the food makes you feel like you’re at home. For me this is almost always linked to a healthy, organic place because more or less that’s my jam. I do eat healthy more often than not but I of course indulge so very often in sweet treats as I have a big sweet tooth.

When I was in Warsaw I found lots of amazing places to eat via various blogs that I scoured in order to not be disappointed. So millennial of me. I tried Sam for my first breakfast in Warsaw and it ended up feeling like home. So I ended up going back again and again for the entire duration of my trip I had one meal at Sam almost daily. I didn’t make any friends this time around as it was a short trip but I’m so going back there on my next trip because frankly it’s so exciting and new to me. Sam doesn’t stick to a cuisine if you know what I mean. It tries to do a bunch of different things and surprisingly all of them turn out quite so well.

Breakfast Options

Breakfast is my most favourite meal and the omelette there is honestly the best I have had. They are served folded with some extra bits wrapped in between the fold ranging from avocado, tomato, seeds to chorizo, spinach and different kinds of cheeses. Shakshuka there is exceptional too and comes with a vegan option of avocado replacing eggs. I tried both and obviously prefer the one with egg because there is just something so satisfying about eating an egg for breakfast. The avocado option while made in tasty tangy tomato gravy seems to be missing something for me. Perhaps tofu would be a great option but then again I’m not an expert on this, just a girl who likes to eat good breakfast. Another favourite of mine is the fried eggs Moroccan style with Dukkah, hummus and avocado. I mean this breakfast with a good coffee or a matcha is all I need to feel energetic and happy through my day.

The Omelettes

The omelettes are serious business at SAM and you can tell that by the size of it all. The best part about it is the aforementioned stuffing in the fold.

Fitness Omelette – Avocado, pumpkin / sunflower seeds, cherry tomato, wild salmon and some herbs
Omelette with chorizo, feta and spinach
Vegan Shakshouka with avocado
Bread basket accompanying the Shakshouka
Fried eggs Moroccan style with Dukkah, hummus and avocado
Turkish style eggs in yoghurt with pink pepper 
Toast with ham, cheese and Dijon mustard

Hot Drinks

Tea or coffee is really the only way to end breakfast and they nail it too. From the classic Cappuccino to the regular black tea and to the more specific Ayurvedic variety called Chakku Kapi.

Cappuccino in almond milk
Cappuccino, my love. I only drink coffee on holidays and it’s so yummy on holidays when you wake up late and need that boost to walk everywhere. It has also to do with the fact that the coffee in UAE is quite strong and bitter, thanks to all the coffee snobs. I’m not a coffee snob and I don’t like my mouth and my pee to smell funky.
Classic black tea
Ginger and lemon infused drink
Chakku Kapi it is a healthy dry ginger coffee really good for cold and cough and immunity and is perfect for the winter months.

Cold Drinks

I love my smoothies / juices as there is no easier way to get your fruits and veggies in. The good part about these ones is that they use organic produce to create them and none of them is overly sweet or heavy. Just a great download of vitamins into your system. I particularly remember gravitating to a post workout smoothie often after my yoga class.

Lunch Options

I have almost always just eaten breakfast there, sometimes even for lunch. The two times I did order from the lunch menu it was really original and great. I mean I had not eaten a combination of these items ever. First up is the grilled halloumi with chorizo, potato, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. This dish was a combination of simple ingredients prettily thrown together yet so delicious and not trying hard at all to be good. The second and last lunch item I tried was this sandwich with jack fruit if I can remember correctly and it was delicious. I mean eating jack fruit in this form was something new to me and I must say it was tasty. I’m used to having it in a cooked variation with Indian spices and the texture almost can get chicken like.

Grilled halloumi with chorizo, potato, cherry tomato, asparagus
Sandwich with jackfruit, carrots and some garnish


The best part about Sam is that I haven’t even tried everything so there is so much more to explore. Even though I’m back in Dubai, which has so many amazing places somehow I miss SAM. My current wish is to have a SAM like cafe wherever I may live. It’s got the vibe too as you will find Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy clad millennials sipping their post workout smoothie or having their morning coffee or a lunch meeting.

Until next holiday, I’m sitting at home and dreaming and craving SAM.

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