Wardrobe Essentials for 2020

Hello! Welcome to yet another edit. Today I’m talking about two outfits that’ll lift your mood and your sartorial style quotient without compromising on your comfort. Read on to know more.

The Classic PJ Suit

I love comfort and in 2020 more so than ever. Those long hours spent on the couch really call for something loungy and there is nothing quite like a comfy pyjama suit to make you feel like yourself. They obviously have the added oomph factor as opposed to a regular pj set thereby setting you apart from feeling like a bum. Enjoy some fun shots of me wearing the pyjama suit from Zaid Farouki’s line. In case you’re wondering they also come with a long line silk robe to complete the set. If you pair the pyjama suit with your fave heels you could also show up for a fancy dinner or drinks too. I paired mine with my fav Jimmy Choos in green.

The Oversized Suit

If you’re looking for a bit more luxe you can never go wrong with the suit. Just make sure the fit is a bit relaxed so you can be comfy and in terms of what to wear under the blazer it can be anything or nothing really. I’d say T shirt if you wanna be casual, cami always looks good, sports bra or even nothing. I paired it with my favourite Alo Yoga bra. It’s so comfy and so chic with that cutout. I’ll link some options below for the bra and some fun shoes for summer in case you wanna check it out. Before I finish you can also experiment with different prints and textures. If you get inspired by my looks above or below please do let me know. Until next post. xoxo.

Links: Bras

Slit bra – Alo Yoga, blue ocean or printed – The Upside, classic ivory – Girlfriend Collective, colour block – Nagnata

Shoes: Sandals – Arizona Love or Prada or Poret & Paire or Ancient Greek Sandals, mules – By Far or Aeyde

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