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Thanks for stumbling upon my website!

This is my kritical diary of emerging fashion. It’s a collection of new designers / themes in fashion and sometimes unique experiences too. By working mostly with emerging designers I hope to find things that are conversation starters, discoveries and investment pieces for your wardrobe to be passed down generations.

My fashion journey has changed as I have moved from my 20s into my 30s. After donating 75% of my wardrobe I realised the perils of fast fashion and how having fewer things is blissful for your time and wardrobe. More on that later but for now I wish for you to experience and may be love or like or identify with my highly discerning vision of everything to find the kritically luxe ( and soon sustainable) in everything. If you don’t agree with my vision that is fine too, then perhaps you can educate me. This can be a two-way conversation you know. 



Email: kriticious@gmail.com

Trendy Thursday – 9 Jul, 2020

The added advantage of staying at home for 3 months or so has been that we have all had the time to live and lust on social media. I have previously missed out trend cycles primarily because I had no time to give in to it. Partly also because I try to operate a lean […]

Cutest Summer Dress Ever – La Bulle Paris

Hello there! As we become more and more aware of the environmental damage that fast fashion has caused we are getting conscious about what we consume. So there is really no better time to talk about my favourite slow fashion designer, Esther, formerly a law graduate. She is humble, cute and so talented. In the […]

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