This is my kritical diary of Dubai (for now :d) and all that I love / try and can be. Who am I? I’m all that I do and be I’m Bollywood. I’m drama. I’m colour. I’m couture. I’m overdressed (almost always). I’m the fabulous gowns at those fabulous galas. I’m those gorgeous towering shoes that you almost always can’t walk in. I’m the FROW. I’m the healthy food that I eat. I’m fashion. I’m kritical style. I’m the imperfection in those pristine supposedly perfect moments. I’m the awkward embarrassing moments that make your life funnily enough special and not just a life but something worth much more. I’m happiness cause I do what I love. In me perhaps you will find a piece of you and in you I will find me or not. I wish for you to experience and may be love or like or identify with my highly discerning vision of everything to find the kritically luxe in everything,


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